Black Africa Americans

By Shontrel Wilson

Violence Against young black people

-Violence against black people that shook the world was a 14 year old boy named Emmet till and was brutally murdered by white males after a white women claimed her flirted with her in Mississippi.

-The Trayvon Martin was a young 17 year old who was walking home after getting skittles and a Arizona tea for his little brother on a friday day night he was fatally shot by a neighborhood watch person George Zimmerman.

- George Stinney was a 14 year old boy from South Carolina who was falsely accused for raping a year 12 and 9 year old white girl and was the youngest person accused in the United States 20th Century

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Stereotype against black people all started when Billy Van portrayed black people on his show creating stereotypes and making black people look dumb poor and low class people. Now today just by his show black people are accused of being gang bangers are drug dealers and just all around black people just by the way the News and public see's us.