The California Wildfire

What is a wildfire?

A wildfire is a uncotrolled fire in a wooded area that ocurs in the countryside or wilderness.

When and How Wildfires start

Wildfires can start by a near by wooded area fueled by wind and dry underbrush. The ignition of the wild fire can originate from a dropped match,cigarette embers, campfires,exhaust sparks from a train, high winds can force and push the sparks to a wooded area witch can cause a huge fire, arson or lightning.

How do wildfires positivley affect the enviorment

Wildfires can affect bye vegitation causing the plants to not grow for the farmers to grow more plants for the people.Some plants depand on effect of time to grow it consumes vegitation on that would otherwise be overgrown,allow more open spaces for vegitation to grow and recieve sunlight. It also consumes insets, and diseases withen the forest.

The negative affect the enviorment

It can kill and harm people while burning down houses. Affect the structures of the people.