CBHT Religious School

Weekly Newsletter - 9/19/14

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Our word for the week: אֶחָד

  • In Kehilla Tephila, we learned the word אֶחָד - meaning "one". Billy Jonas came for a visit and sang his beautiful song, "To Be One". Scroll down to see a photo of Billy and his helpers (and once again, if you want to help Billy get his next wonderful album "Build it Back Again" out into the world, support his Indiegogo campaign!)

Highlights from Sunday

  • Parparim: Emily and share welcome 4 new "little butterflies" and their parents to our toddler program. They got to sing "Building a Better World" with Seth and learned the Hebrew words for love, hope, and peace.
  • Gan Yeladim: We learned how to greet people with L'Shana Tovah (A good year!) for Rosh Hashana. We also made apple prints and talked about how we made the world a better place in the last year.
  • Kitah Bet: We hosted a honey tasting party and practiced the mitzvah of "Hachnasat Orchim" (inviting guests). The honey was sweet and so was the company! See details and photos below!
  • Kitah Dalet: We practiced our Hebrew and these students are really zooming ahead! Those online Hebrew flashcards really are helping!
  • Kitah Hey: We leaned about the prophets and the role they play in Judaism. We all got a chance to be prophets, choosing something we wanted to change about the world. We even got to get on a "soapbox" and tell our class about it.
  • Kitah Vav: We brainstormed ideas about tzedakah. We created a vowel wall (come on in and see it!) We played Hebrew games and made hummus using "Heblish" directions.
  • Kesher: We created a timeline about the milestones in our lives (both Jewish and secular). We played a game called Stand Up/Sit Down about our responsibilities, and we read our first conversational Hebrew dialogue!

This Sunday, come join us as ...

  • We learn our new word for the week (and its spiritual meaning): אהבה (ahavah)
  • Shir Tephila our parent/child choir will have its first rehearsal in the sanctuary after school this Sunday. Students in Gan Yeladim through Kesher and their parents are welcome to come! Parents, please pick your children up in the classroom and take them to the sanctuary if you are interested. More details here!
  • Lauren and Debbie will begin collecting registration for midweek Hebrew, which begins on Wednesday, October 1st at 5:00. If you didn't get a registration flyer, you can print one out here.

A Sweet Note from Karla and Amanda about Kitah Bet's Honey Tasting Party!

Whether or not hospitality was invented by the Jews, we have certainly embraced it as the mitzvah of Hachnasat Orchim.

Just as Abraham welcomed strangers into his tent, Kitah bet practiced Hachnasat Orchim as we welcomed our guests Sunday.

Rabbi Meiri stopped in first thing with a bag full of her "favorite things." She sat on the floor with us and talked about all the things that were special to her and meant the most about being Jewish. With each special thought, she reached into her bag and pulled out a representative token, from celebrating Jewish holidays with her children, to the wonder of having our own language and country, to the warmth of our own local synagogue family and Jewish community in Asheville. We loved every minute of her visit and lined up for hugs before finally letting her go. Rabbi Meiri is one of our "favorite things" about being Jewish and we relish the times we spend together.

As Rabbi left, we scurried to make our room ready for our Kitah Bet Honey Tasting! First we welcomed the special people from Asheville Bee Charmers, Kim and Sam. From their shop in West Asehville (right next door to The Hop), brought lots wonderful honey for us to taste. Then we opened our doors to friends and family and welcomed them in for apples and honey for Rosh HaShannah. We dipped our apples into Sourwood, Locust, Star Thistle, and even compared Wildflower Honey from California and North Carolina.

It was a beautiful day. We LOVED every minute of it. Thanks to Rabbi, Lauren, and Kim and Sam, the Asheville Bee Charmers, as well as all our friends and family who stopped in. What a sweet way to start our new year! You all made it another of our very "favorite things!"

What a great week! Looking forward to seeing everyone this Sunday, September 21st. Shabbat Shalom!