Joined the European union on May 1, 2004

Major cities of slovakia

History of Slovakia

Slovakia was once part of Czechoslovakia and it is located in Central Europe, south of Poland

The flag

The flag was adopted on September 1, 1992. It has a red shield on it and on the shield there is the cross of Lorraine, three blue mountain peaks, the that symbolize Tatar, Matra, and Fatra

Tourism in Slovakia

4 popular sites and places to hang out at are the Bratislava Castle, Liptov, the High Tatras, and ski resorts

Government Type

They have a parliamentary democracy


Th geography of the country includes the High Tatras


They currently have the EURO, but before that they had the Slovak Crown or otherwise know of Koruna

3 interesting facts about Slovakia

- Mushroom hunting and gardening at summer cottages are popular activities for families

- To wish luck, Slovaks fold the thumb in and close the fingers on it.

- Slovaks typically accompany departing guests outside and wave until they are out of sight


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