The Scientific Revolution


What was the change?

An ideological shift from pure deduction and philosophy to experimentation in science. This led to the fast forward button being pressed on technological advancement.

[BBC] A Renaissance Education

Who were the people associated with the change?

How did the change impact society at the time?

Questions were asked and were attempted to be answered. Advancement was at a near stagnating growth previously, and with the demand for books growing education started to flourish. As the process of copying books became more efficient and faster ideas started to spread faster. This newly formed Enlightenment led to leaps in the sciences. It also led to the Reformation as more and more people began questioning the corruption of the church.

How is this change evident in modern society?

The contributions of scientist in the renaissance led to more and more questions being asked and answered. Ideas in science have been profoundly impacted, whether refined or radically changed over time. And advancement has been propelled dramatically since the times of the renaissance. As time goes on the more that is being answered the more questions are being made. The only certainty in modern times is the uncertainty of the universe.