Organisms and Environments

Living things and habitats

Different environments in Earth

The main environments in earth are called Biomes . These include Marine,Desert, Forest, Grassland , and Tundra Biomes.


The surroundings where an organism lives.
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An organism, is any living thing that is made of smaller. It can be an animal, person,plants, or bacteria.
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What is Earths harshest environment and what organisms live in it?

I believe the harshest environment is the Tundra because it is cold most of the time, there is not a lot of food, and it is dry like a desert. This is especially true for the Arctic Tundra but the Alpine Tundra is a little different.

Organisms Of the Arctic Tundra

Main Predators of the Arctic

Some of the predators in the arctic Tundra and surrounding areas include Polar Bears, the Arctic Fox, Wolves and Snow Owls.

Secondary Consumers in the Arctic Tundra

How these Organisms Connect

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How the Arctic Squirrel Survives

How an Arctic Squirrel Survives Winter - Wild Alaska - BBC