Madison Ly, Paul H., Mark Luo, Ryan Klussmann


Located in Southeast Asia;Western Hemisphere;17,000 islands;close to equator; mostly hot, humid, and rainy; most land is rainforest; Sumatra, Jawa, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluku, Papua


Ojek, cars, bus, taxi, dokar, ans beceks are used as transportation. Since they have to cross the ocean, the coffee beans are loaded into a plane and taken to America. They will be taken by truck to the places where they ground and test the coffee.


Capital of Indonesia is Jakarta; 5°00N 120°00E; Sumatra is where they buy the coffee beans; At the Farmer Training Center in Seribudolok, 5,000 coffee farmers learn about coffee trees


Small farms is where they buy the best Arabic coffee; picked in the village of Parik Sabungan and most of them are processed there too.

Human Impact/ Environment

It helps the environment because the trees help take out CO². It helps the humans because they can make tons of money off of the coffee.