Abby's Arrows Team Newsletter

April 2015

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Your Director's Stats for March

Title: Director

PV: $3697.00

Parties Held: 7

Personal Recruits: 1

Team Sales: $9,554.50

Total Downline Size: 18

Pay I would have received as a consultant: $924.25

Because I choose leadership, my pay was $1206.41

"I share these numbers not to impress you, but to impress upon you what leadership can do for you"

Top March PV

Abby Taylor $3,679.00

Penny Duley $1,161.00

Brooke Folden $1,156.50

Way to go ladies!

Sales over $600

Ashley Cook $983.50

Sara Wilson $648.00

Great job, Ashley & Sara!

Top Parties

Abby Taylor $915.00

Brooke Folden $731.50

Ashley Cook $701.00

New Team Members:

Ashley Cook

Ashley Kurtz

Welcome to Abby's Arrows Ashley & Ashley!


Congrats on your new recruit, Marni Vonderheide!

New recruit: Ashley Kurtz


Don't forget MAMA!

All orders for Mother's Day must be submitted by 4/26 to ensure delivery in time. Make sure your customers are aware of this and give them dome great options so mom gets the perfect gift this year!

April Team Challenge Reminder

Just a reminder to PUSH HARD to achieve great things in the APRIL TEAM CHALLENGE! I challenged each of us to have at least $1000 in sales for April. With Mother's day right around the corner and the fabulous FLASH SALE that is coming up we should have no excuses- we are set-up for a great month!

So what am I offering to you when you complete the challenge? 1.) Who wants a sweet paycheck? Well, you'll get it with $1000+ in pv! 2.) I will give a new set of business cards or a t-shirt from business supplies to everyone that accomplishes this goal-you pick which you'd prefer 3.) For every additional $1000 in sales you have, pick another business supply of your choice- for FREE from me! 4.)If you are top in sales, beating out myself and your other team members, I will be shopping with you for a necklace from our new JK line customized for you- telling your story! You can pick the chain, charms- make it your own! How cool is this?!
Ladies, I COMPLETELY 100% BELIEVE IN EACH OF YOU! You are all rockstars and the only limits you have are the ones you set for yourself.


What are you bringing to the party?

So here is something SO fun and SO effective to do at your next home party!

This comes from SED, Melissa Fietsam. I know y'all hear me talk about her a lot but she is a creative and hard-working consultant that is just FULL of great ideas! This idea that she shared is called Death by Chocolate.

"This is a hostess coaching "trick". So, call your hostess 24 hours before the party. You say, "I need you to call everyone and tell them they need to bring a candy bar. Doesn't matter what kind, but they HAVE to bring one. And there's a prize involved that they don't want to miss!". You can even send a text picture with this information that she could send a reminder RIGHT BEFORE the party the next day!

Now, I have a video below explaining too, but the guests earn POINTS for different things. So, like, if yours has nuts in it-you get 5 points. If yours has caramel in it you get 3 points, etc.

Now, the person with the most points at the end, gets ALL the chocolate bars! And everyone wishes them weight gain and chocolate induced acne, right?

But the great thing about this (besides the fact that it's FUN and involves chocolate), is that it's giving your hostess a REASON to call and remind her guests about the party!!! And that is the most important thing!

So when you have guests book, you'll want to change up the game for next time. And here are some things we've been throwing around. My good friend Christina Amtmann Rupracht shared the potato game with me. Same thing: points for: home grown, had to get one from hostess, point for each "eye", color of potato, etc.

And Christina and I came up with a few more ideas we're tossing around. Bring a cup (coffee, tumbler, handle, color, size-all different things to give points for). She has one for toilet paper.

And then we were talking about doing donation ones!

So bring a can of food (donate to local food bank)

Bring something you never wear anymore that you would wear to an interview (donate to dress for success)

Bring an old purse you don't use anymore (donate to dress for success)

The possibilities are endless with this game. And as I come up with the point systems and new ideas, I'll be sure to post them here on my blog for everyone.

Happy Hostess Coaching!!

Watch this video for a really good explanation of it: