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A Newsletter for Employees of the Mexico59 February 24, 2016

Computer safety

All Staff:

Please remember when looking at emails - be VERY cautious of clicking on links or opening attachments. If you are not expecting the attachment, or you do not know the email source, or you are not expecting the message/link/attachment - - then please do not click or open. Hackers and phishers are very slick in their message to get you to open/click. Become more and more wary please.

Last week, Thursday night, the district was hit with a version of the Ransomware virus. Our best guess is that someone received an email with a Microsoft Office attachment and they opened it and it immediately spread like wild-fire throughout the whole Career Center, hitting all computers that were turned on and had Microsoft Office installed, which is every computer. The only way to remove it is to wipe the entire computer. In a sense, we were lucky. The virus was not very sophisticated, our IT department staff were able to limit and contain it to some degree and it didn't cost us anything except lost files and time. However, the people who were hit lost everything on their hard drive.

Let Dana Hunt know if you have a suspicious email, especially if you are thinking maybe you need the email but you are not sure. Also, please talk to Dana and her staff about the best way to save and backup your files. There are several options to save your work.

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Request from Margie Vandeven, Commissioner of Education, DESE. Deadline March 4, 2016.

To all Administrators:

I wanted to provide you with a quick update on where we are with the Missouri Learning Standards and ask for your assistance. At the State Board of Education meeting last week, staff presented updated proposed Missouri Learning Standards for English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies based on the standards from the work groups. We are down to the wire and are doing all we can to ensure that these proposed standards are designed to better prepare Missouri students for college, the workforce and life. The State Board is expected to vote at their board meeting on March 15, 2016.

Things you should know:

  • The proposed standards include changes from our current standards in all four content areas, i.e. the Common Core State Standards are not being recommended in English language arts and mathematics.
  • Revisions were made in accordance with state statute. The Department's attempt to get input from stakeholders went above and beyond the dictates of state statute.
  • Upon receipt of the work group recommendations, Department staff made necessary alignment and formatting changes drawn from the 3,000 comments received from educators, the public, the Joint Committee on Education and academic researchers.

Request for assistance:

I am requesting that you ask your staff to review the proposed standards this week. If concerns are identified, please provide specific recommendations for rectifying. Comments may be sent to 1490Comments@dese.mo.gov by Friday, March 4. The proposed standards are posted here: https://dese.mo.gov/sites/default/files/ProposedStandardsFeb2016.pdf. You will be linked first to the board presentation for an overview; the proposed standards follow in their entirety.

Thank you for your continued support of this critical work. Many of your staff have already contributed countless hours to the work group product, while others have provided valuable input through the commenting process. We are grateful for the many dedicated educators working on behalf of Missouri students every day. I am very aware of how busy schools are at this time of year. Yet, it is critical that you have the opportunity to review the proposed standards before they are adopted in March. Thank you in advance for any help you and your staff can give. As always, feel free to contact me or Blaine Henningsen atblaine.henningsen@dese.mo.gov if you have any questions.

Thanks again,

Margie Vandeven

Commissioner of Education, DESE

Transfers Request Process (updated 2/24/16)

Teachers -- it is nearly hiring season again. There is no longer a March 1st deadline to request a transfer to another building. Instead, all openings will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Process: (Transfer requests are now done on TalentEd. No paperwork needs to be sent to the principal)

A. If an opening becomes available in your own building that you are interested in, you just need to talk to your principal about the process.

B. If an opening becomes available in a different building, then you need to fill out an internal application in TalentEd so that principal and Central Office know you have an interest.

There are no guarantees on transfer requests. Every situation is different and we will try to do what is best for kids in the long run.

Please contact Bethany Collins if you have questions on filling out an internal application. x2401.

Administrative Policies regarding social media

This link below will take you to the Administrative Policies on Social Media Participation. These policies affect everyone employed by Mexico59. The forms can also be found in the Document Center.

If you would like a Facebook page of your own, for your classroom/need, please fill out the form, have your building administrator sign it, and return to Jo Ann Diffenderfer.


Applications are now being accepted for Summer School 2016!

June 1st through June 24th


Brad Ellebracht - Mexico High School

Desiree Pezley- Mexico Middle School

Julie Lower - Eugene Field Grades 3rd through 5th

Brandon Schafer - Hawthorne Grades K through 2nd





Only online applications will be accepted. For more information, please call Jan Dempsey at 573-581-3773 x2404. Anyone interested in substituting also needs to complete this process.

Please make sure any employees who do not access the email system are made aware of this opportunity.

Application deadline is Monday, February 29th, 2016!!!

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Considering Retirement?

In order to be paid for your sick leave (maximum 100 days); anyone wishing to retire must have their notice into the Superintendent's Office by one of the following days, per Board Policies GCPC and GDPC:

Certified Staff: March 1, 2016

Support Staff: March 21, 2016 (for those retiring on the last day of school).

Those retiring on any other day then the last day of school will need to give 60 days notice in order to receive payment for sick leave.

Mexico School District 59 Position Openings



Part-Time Evening welding

Speech Pathologist/Speech Language Pathology Assistant(4)


Summer Paint Crew

Bus Drivers & Substitute Bus Drivers

Substitute Food Service Workers

Substitute Nurses

Substitute Teachers

2016-2017 School Year


Mathematics Teacher - MHS

Spanish - MHS

English - MHS

Early Childhood Teacher- ECC


Food Service Worker

MSTA Ambassador of Higher Education Application

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2016-2017 Academic Calendar

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Instructional Resources

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K-5 Math Help

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Instructional Technology Blog

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MSTA Grants and Awards

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Mexico Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

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MHS Growl is now online

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