Deep Water Horizon Disaster

By Tristan Taylor

What was the disaster?

The deepwater horizon disaster was a major oil spill that occured in the gulf of mexico on April 20 in 2010, BP was responsible. 4.8 million barrels of oil spilled out, 210 gallons of oil was spilled into the ocean. The Oil flow was very diffuclt to stop becasue the leak was hundreds of feet under the ocean.

How much oil spilled out?

210 gallons of oil over an 87 day time span, it seemed as it was unstoppable to stop the oil flow

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What was the immediate environmental impact?

Wildlife and marine life were killed by the oil spill. The oil killed the reef, fishes, birds and many other innocent marine life.

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What was immediatly done to help?

Deep water horizon, filled the hole with concrete to stop the flow. Volenteres also helped wash teh birds and fish off to get all of the oil off of them. Specieal nets were placed out to help trap the oil from flowing elsewhere.

What is the continued environmental impact?

The oil continued to flow out of the oil rig. The oil flowed further away and then killing more species. The oil flowed for about 87 days and traveled many miles.

What consequences did BP have to pay for this?

BP had to pay 18.7 billion dollars in result of their massive oil spill that killed 11 workers and thousands of innocent marine life.

What is currently being done?

Currently people are still helping out the nature life that was harmed during this oil spill. There are new laws regarding oil companies that have oil rigs inthe ocean, they must be equiped with emmergency flow shut off valves that would limit the impacts.