God Ares(Realm of War/Violence)

By Jonathan Castro

Just to learn more about Greek God Ares


His mother is Hera and his father is Zeus.

His name in roman is Mars.

He hand many children.He had a child named Enyalias

He had lots of long relationships.But no spouse.

Why I choose Ares

I choose Ares because although he may be the most hated god.He doesn't let that get to him.He alright with the fact no one likes he stays strong.

Ares relates to me because we never think ahead of time. We go with what happens.He also re

Ares family


Here is some facts about him

He was abducted by 2 giants and put in a bronze jar.

Had lots of long lasting relationships.But never married.

He would change teams just to shed blood.

Broke lots of rules Zues said.

Least favored Greek god.

He would grant assassinations.

Seen and crazy mercenary.

Had lots of children.

He often uses brutal force.

He killed one of poisedens sons.

He starts lots of wars.