Future Dust Bowl?

By Asahel Jimenez and Luis Perez

Old time dust bowl

For eight years dust blew on the southern plains. The simplest things like eating, bretahing, taking a walk were no longer simple. Children had to wear dust maskes to and from school. Fathers wached helplessly as their crops blew away. Women hung wet sheets over the windows in atempt to stop the dust. The dust storms affected americans to loose their buisneses livelyhood and homes. It was a terrible time.

Modern Dust Bowl

There have been sighns of the return of the Dust Bowl. Researchers predict that in the future places like Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Southern California, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah’s climate will change and make the 1930’s Dust Bowl look mild and brief. There have been dusts storms all around the western United States like Arizona, Tuscan, and Phoenix three times and more to come soon. Most of the dust is made over erosion and when people or cattle or cars go over it then the dust goes into the atmosphere and it keeps collecting. So that could lead up to a second Dust Bowl.

Avoiding a New Dust Bowl

We can help prevent a is stoping Global Warming! The intense heat can dry up crops and turn them into dust. Then the wind will carry that dust into the atmosphere and all that dust will collect and there will be massive dust storms. We can also plant alot of trees that can stop the dust. Thats what federal foresters have been doing.