Dominican Republic

By: Ellie Wiechert

Background Information

The capital of the Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo. Some major cities in the Dominican Republic are La Romana, SanPedro de Macoris, Santo Domingo Oeste, and Santiago de los Caballeros. Their official language is Spanish.


Dominican Republic was first controlled by Spain and got freedom from them in 1821. Later Haiti took control of them and Domincan Republic gained independence from them in 1844. Dominican Republic currently controls themselves.


Dominican Republics flag is blue, red, and white. The flag has a crest in the middle.

Geographical Information

Dominican Republic is connected to Haiti and Northeast of the Caribbean Sea.

Political Information

Dominican Republics government type is Democratic Republic. Their leader is Danilo Medina Sanchez.

Economic Information

Domincan Republics currency is the Dominican Peso. Their economic system is capitalism.

Tourist information

People should visit Dominican Republic because of its great beaches such as Punta Cana. While there you can go on an Dolphon Island tour or on a buggy adventure.

Interesting Facts

- first place reached by Christopher Columbous

- baseball is the most popular sport

- oldest country of the Americas