Kindergarten Literacy

Fall Newsletter

Welcome to K Literacy

Your child participates in a small group with us each day. This gives your child extra instruction in literacy in order to build up his/her skills and strategies. We welcome your questions or input. As always, support at home is so important to your child’s growth and success. Thank you for spending this time with your child.

What We Are Learning Together

In Kindergarten Literacy your student is learning the letter names and letter sounds. The students are learning how letters work to make words and putting words together in sentences. They have been reading little books in group and working together on writing about the story. Thank you for your support at home with the homework literacy pouches and activities. Please continue to help your child with this and be sure to return it to school every day. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Read Aloud Talk With Your Child

• Is this a real story or a made-up story? How can you tell?

• What is your favorite part? Why?

• Does this story remind you of anything?

• What can you tell by looking at the cover of a book?

Title, author, pictures that help you think about what the story could be about.

Talk about the words

• What do you think _______ means?

• How many words can you think of that rhyme with “(a word from the story)?”

• Have your child point out the first and last letter of words.

Reference: National Institute for Literacy: The Partnership for Reading.

Don't Forget Nursery Rhymes!

Nursery Rhymes aren't just for little kids. The repetition of sounds, language and rhymes help all beginning readers. Try these on for size!

Check out this website for many more rhymes, songs, crafts and more.