By: Luke Johnson

Country Basics

The name of the country is Malta. The capital of Malta is Valletta. The flag of Malta is a basic bi-color with white in the hoist and red in the fly.

Geography of Malta

The location of Malta is in Europe; an island south of Italy. Malta has no major landforms or major landmarks. Malta major bodies of water is the Mediterranean sea. Their environment doesn't effect them at all.

Climate of Malta

The General weather conditions are Hot, Timid, or Cold. The average yearly rainfall is 108.6mm. The average yearly temperature is 27*C(80*F). The climate has no effect on Malta.

History of Malta

Arab rule was ended by the Normans. In 1090 a Norman named Count Roger captured Malta.

How Malta is similiar or different from the U.S.

Malta and the U.S. both are rich nations. Malta and the U.S. both have major bodies of water. Malta doesn't have major landforms or major landmarks. The U.S. has major landforms and landmarks. Both Malta and the U.S. have different imports and exports.