A New Year!


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Hard to believe 2013 has come and gone. The best part of it all is that goals you didn't reach in 2013 can be refocused on in 2014. My wife and I am so grateful for all the many blessings Lyoness have brought us in 2013. We know none of it would have been possible with out the hundreds of you who have decided to do something great for your families by joining our business network. A lot has transpired with Lyoness in the last 365 days and I wanted to give you a short recap. At the beginning of 2013 their were about 29,000 registered members in the U.S. at then end of 2013 we around 108,000 members. The great thing is, like everywhere else in the world. More than 90% of all member are simply hear to shop. That rings volumes to those of us who are building a business with Lyoness. At the begining of 2013 we had only one office in N.Y. with 29 employees. At the end of 2013 we now have additional offices in Miami and Irvine Ca. with a total of 135 employees. At the bening of 2013 we had a total of 782 merchants. At the end of 2013 we now have 2,318 merchants. At the beginning of 2013 we had 29 small to medium enterprises (sme's) places where we can use our Lyoness Cash Back Card. At the end of 2013 we have 1,591 with more and more being added each day. I know it has been all good news, there has been some merchants that we have seen go away like Wal mart. Trust me when I say there are some big things happening in the background that will ensure you will see many of those companies back on board in 2014. What I want you to understand is that it is never about the merchants. They will come and go! It will always be about a system that allows you to build wealth for your families with the dollars of some of the biggest corporations in the world. No matter if you do that online, with a gift card or in the store. It's all about running as much money you currently spend on day to day expenses through the Lyoness system. We've always heard how in Europe you could get cash back on90% of your expenses through Lyoness. With the inroduction of our greatest merchant to date, giftcards.com you can order visa/master gift cards to pay bills, go shopping ect. getting cash back along the way.

I must be honest that I have not reached all of my goals I had for 2013. Most of it was my fault because I didn't listen to many of my leaders who told me to concentrate on those who want to build. The thing about Lyoness, is that it has so much going for it. It's easy to present it to the world as a finish product. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially for us in the U.S. That's why when presented in the wrong way, you give someone their free card and they then try to use at ie: Walgreens they get turned off. Our job is to build the infrastructure of this someday massive company by identifying businesses and individuals who want to be the building blocks. Identifying individuals who do not make decisions that's convenient but that's profitable. Those of us who take action, who shop and share with purpose will be rewarded when Lyoness brings on the millions of shoppers around the world.

I'm totally dedicated to the success of every individual who has joined my business network even if you don't know who I am. My wife and I have set our goals and are excited to help you reach yours. I share with people we cannot striving for success with Lyoness out of fear of how big this company will become. The reason I can say this because in many countries in Europe, when you grab the door handle of most of the stores you see the Lyoness logo. Now imagine in year 2020 when there are thousands of places you go into you see the Lyoness logo at places you've been shopping at. Our future is limitless here because we are not attached to any particular product or store. People will always make purchases on the latest trend or new invention and we will be there to capitalize.

Cash Back University

Cash Back University is a new exciting way to get your Lyoness experience off to a great start. No matter if your brand new or been around for a while. CBU is broken down into 4 sessions each one getting more advance. Session one takes place the first Tuesday of every month concentrates on how to shop, where to shop and why to shop. Session two is every second Tuesday of the month. This sessions is all all about the benefits of sharing Lyoness with others. Session three is every third Tuesday of the month. This sessions is for those who see the advantage of building a business network with Lyoness. Session forth is every forth Tuesday of the month. This session you will learn the importance of building a complete business including bringing on small businesses. The best thing about CBU is that you can stop at what ever level you are most comfortable with. Finally, every fourth Saturday of the month we will have a Super Saturday complete with an opportunity meeting, advance training and recognition ceremony for those who have completed all for sessions. Currently CBU takes place at Dolton Bowl at 7pm. I promise you that you will walk away knowing the best way to incorporate Lyoness into your life. CBU kicks off Tuesday January 7th so get the word out to anyone you have registered.

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