Mrs.Burmeisters awesome class

by:Kennedy Awesome Jackson

Join Mrs.B's 4th Grade class

Mrs.B is a super awesome teacher. You will fall in LOVE with her teaching. I am a person who has a experience of being a student in Mrs.B's class. Trust me she is AWESOME. And if you don't trust me you are cra-cra. But if you don't like Mrs.B's teaching and think she's AWESOME you've crossed the line.

Where to find our class

The school is in Harlan, Iowa. We are by the High school. There is a giant sign in the grass that says Harlan Community West ridge School. You come in the front doors and turn to your left. Than the FIRST door on the left from the bathrooms. The room number is 500. Come on down to the Harlan Community West ridge school. (We have computers and snack time.)

Some things or people you'll see

We are classroom budies

Come on down and be one of us!