Name of Career


What a person in this career does in detail

This person plays against other players to win and in the end they get payed but if they win the championship or super bowl they get a lot more money.

Why you chose this career

I choose this career because i like to play sports and be active otherwise i feel like i am just sitting around gaining calories.

Experience/Skills needed:

You need at least a Bachelor's Degree to get into a sport or any sport. A bachelors degree is usually an academical degree that you get after four years of collage. Every athlete has to have one of these or they can not play.

What branch of science most of this career falls under and why

This career falls under physical because it has to do with speed and velocity there are two types of velocity the first one is horizontal velocity and that has to do with how far the ball will go and how much gravity is pushing back on it and the second velocity is vertical and that deals with how high you have to kick the ball and how much gravity is pushing it down

Something you found interesting about the career

That an athlete has to know a lot of stuff like how hard to throw a ball and how far to shoot it or how much spin to put on it or where to throw/shoot it.