Dangers of Concussions

And how we can prevent them

Concussion awareness needs to be improved

Awareness and prevention of concussions needs to be improved and more standardized in all sports that have a risk of concussions

Sports were concussions most commonly occor

Football hits and soccer headers are the most 2 common sports activities that cause injury to the head

Some Long Term Effects:

Some of the long term effects are memory loss, not being able to walk or stand, and not being able to talk in some cases

Ways to prevent concussions include:

Helmets and padding to prevent traumatic head injury

Although there is padding in almost every other part of the body for football, many teams are yet to find out about the extra padding that new companies are making "That reduce football impacts by up to 33%" (Tribute1). Soccer has always been known for its brutal injuries from slide tackles, but now as researchers start to focus on soccer injuries they have found that whenever the soccer players head the ball injury to the head is likely, but there is a padded soccer helmet on the rise that can reduce those numbers by far, and as researchers have said that "50-70% of all soccer players that have gotten a concussion failed to report that they had a concussion" (Brody1)
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Soccer and Football Head injuries in the future

As the sports of soccer and football move on, the fans want bigger hits, and more fantastic goals to go along with the sports as they evolves. Although it may be entertaining to watch, it may not be the best for the players health to keep making these plays, as it exposes them to a more dangerous environment. "There needs to be more standardized ways of measuring head exposure in soccer." (Brady1)


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