Animals of Africa

Greater Kudu

African Woodland Dwellers

Kudus are native to the acacia forests of Africa's woodlands.  As adults, they can weigh up to 600 pounds.  The males of the species have long been prized by hunters and native peoples because of their large, showy, spiral shaped horns.  The horns of the Kudu are used by native people as storage containers, musical instruments and religious rituals.

Threats to the Species

The biggest threat to the Kudu species is due to hunting for sport and sustenance.  The animals are hunted for food by native people and as trophies by visitors to the African continent.  In addition to hunting, the habitat of the Kudu is being destroyed for agricultural purposes and charcoal products.

How You can help

Many groups in Africa and the world are working to establish wildlife refuges for animals like the Kudu.  By establishing refuges, habitat fragmentation and loss is limited.  Also, in economically challenged places like Africa, groups are working with local governments to establish conservation tourism destinations.  These types of projects protect species, habitat and bring much needed financial support to cash strapped areas.