#chataps finale 5/2/16

9:00-9:30 Final #chataps - Join us!

#chataps is a teacher led twitter chat discussing technology & education.

A small sampling of our past topics: 48 CHATS!

Reading is Fundamental

#whyIteach If Education was like the Super Bowl

Comic Relief Critical Issues Facing Education

Student Engagement and Learning Styles

TRI 1 in the Books 2 Appy and We Know It P/T Conferences

Grit Teacher Leadership

Culture of Learning

here. Special Education. Technology. Professional Development.

here. Digital citizenship. Field trips. MACUL. Gamification.


Chataps on the road!

Join Chris and Julie as they take the Chataps finale on the road!

We will be tweeting from Our Brewery in downtown Holland on May 2, 8:45 - 9:30.

Chris Conrad - Greeter & Archiver, Julie Ziemelis - Moderator

Guaranteed to be fast paced, fun, and a great learning opportunity!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I follow #chataps, it moves too fast? Consider using tweetdeck or Hootsuite to follow along.

What is PLN? PLN is a Personal Learning Network, growing and sharing together.

#chataps is a twitter chat created by Chris Conrad and Julie Ziemelis, Allegan Public School teachers.