The One and Only Ivan

By Katherine Applegate,Presented by Chris

Spoilers,Spoilers,Spoilers Galore

Important Info

The protagonist Ivan the gorilla,Stella the elephant,Ruby the baby elephant, Bob the stray dog and the antagonist Mack the ring leader. The setting in the Big Top Mall off of Exit 8.The plot is a new animal comes called Ruby and changes come with her he wants to make sure those changes are good.It is fiction.

Rising Action

When a new attraction comes in, an elephant called Ruby, he tries to protect and teach her. And stella treats her as her own daughter . She bring in more money for Mack.


Ivan starts having flash backs about his life in the jungle .Stella dies of an infection on her leg .People find out that Mack is abusing Ruby for not doing tricks right. Protesters come to the mall and protest about letting them go.

Falling Action

A woman from the zoo comes to take them away. But Ivan is having trouble deciding to go or to stay (He convinces Ruby to go).He is put in a cage tor the zoo to treat him.


They let him look at the other gorillas through glass, then they open a door to let him out. It takes him some time to go. When he goes he is happy with all his new friends.