Welcome to ZaynaKishaLandia

By Erika and Zayna

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Welcome to ZaynaKishaLandia

The country of ZaynaKishalandia is a big country and has a population of 150 million people. We are surrounded by the Kisha ocean, and have mountains, rivers, farms, and forests. Our primary language is English. In school, students have the option to choose their language to learn but have to learn at least one language.They can chose from Spanish, Latin, French, etc. Everyone is required to attend school up to the age of 18. After boys and girls are done with school they can choose to attend college and receive a degree, or go into the military. If we do not have enough people in the military we will do random drawings from the age of 18-40 to attend the military for at least one year, both male and female will be entered. You will not go into the military if there are any health concerns. School is provided from the government until the age of 18, then you will have to pay for your own college. If you can't afford it we provide scholarships and community colleges. Our retirement age is 65, but you can work until 70 years old. Our tax rate is 30%.

Six freedoms

1) Freedom of speech

2) Freedom of religion

3) Equal rights for everyone no matter gender, race, religion, etc.

4) Can join any political party of your choice

5) Travel outside of the country

6) Freedom to own private property

Four Things That Are Illegal

1) Kill/steal/Drugs

2) Not following the laws

3) Child and animal abuse

4) Not following the constitution of Zaynakishalandia

Type of government

The country of Zaynakishalandia is a representative democracy. We have our citizens elect someone to make decisions for them. The citizens do not have to vote for each law , instead the president will make the decisions for them. The citizens will have the rights to re-elect representatives if their former representative was not doing a good job. Every two years we will elect new leaders for the country. We chose this government because we think it would work best for our people and the size of our population. The other forms of government would not work because we don't want to be too controlling.

Type Economy

In the country of ZaynaKishalandia we are a Capitalist country with some government control. We chose this type of economy because we think it would work best for representative democracy and it isn't too controlling so citizens have rights. We think that if we have have a capitalist country the citizens will have more freedom and choices. Overall we think our country would be at its best with having capitalism.

System of government

The system of government we choose is the Federal government. This system has a central government and is divided among other governments that have less power. We chose this system of government because the president/ main leader has the most power but other places also have the right to make their own laws depending on the citizens and representatives choices of their area. The other systems wouldn't work for our country because they are either too controlling or the leaders themselves don't have enough power to enforce the law.

Some fun things to do in our country

1) Visit the ZaynaKishaLandia museum

2) Hike on our amazing mountains

3) Theme Parks, such as ZaynaKisha Land

4) Visit the ZaynaKisha Tower

5) Go visit our amazing forests

6) Go to Movie Theaters and watch movies

7) Visit the Waterfalls

8) Visit our farms

9) Go camping at our amazing campsites

10) Go skydiving, zip lining, etc.

11) Visit the national zoo

12) go to the beach