Stay at Home

What are we even fighting for?

Letter to the Editor

Dear Author of "The Dead"

As much as I love my country I live in, i do not wat to die for it, not in a war I don't believe in and that has no meaning. In this time a pro-war poem would be counter productive if you think we should be signing up to die. What is even the point for us to fight in this war?

The previous events in no way effect us and we should not even care about them. No one is posing any harm to us at the moment. That guy who got assassinated was on the complete other side of Europe. Instead of tricking people to go to war you should be teaching them to be against it.

Ross Burton

New Weapons: Machine Guns

World War One was the first significant war that machine guns were used in. They had the ability to fire 400-600 rounds per minute and had the power of around 100 rifles. They were used to spray at infantry soldiers and wipe them out. The only defense against the machine guns were the soldiers standing right in front of them. The only shelter was in the trenches, which were home to disease and starvation.

New Weapons: Grenades

At the beginning of the war Britain used grenades that were on a 10 inch stick that was thrown. After discovering that these were ineffective due to the fact that some times they would not clear the tops of the trenches and bunkers and end up hurting the soldiers who had thrown them. The Mill Bomb was invented in 1915 and was a football shaped grenade with a pin and spring loaded lever on the top which activated the four second fuse. These were proven to be much more effective than previous grenades. Later a similar working cylindrical grenade was produced to be shot from a launcher and to be detonated on impact. The gas powered launcher could shoot the grenades up to 600 yards being extremely devastating.

Poison Gas

Mustard gas was used my the Germans during the first World War. It was a colorless odorless gas that would take 12 hours to come into effect, It would be added to highly explosive bombs and would then get into the soil and stay there for several weeks poisoning people around it. The poison gas would cause blisters, sore eyes and vomiting. Mustard gas would also cause internal and external bleeding and bronchial tube problems. The effects would take 3-4 weeks to kill those who are hurt by it.


I feel the sorrow

the pain I feel

I would like to borrow

the power to heal

The extreme pain

I fell in my chest

even in the rain

I want to rest

I'm on the ground

I want to cry

There is a whole round

I'm going to die.

Ross Burton