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it's my off-mailer month, so hitting y'all up electronically

Happy June!

My next client mailer goes out in July. So off-months you get a fancy Enewseltter!

I figured that I'd use Smore to communicate with y'all. I'm not at the point where I hit my 10,000 Email per month limit yet, so might as well take advantage of how pretty I can make Team Newsletters! ;)

Bring Back My Bar - Red Carpet Rollout

It's BBMB Month!

BBMB Month is FINALLY here! Check the list of scents - have clients that loved them? Hit them up with a text or phone call and let them know that it's available only through June.

2 Scent Tips:

1) When a client tells me that they LOVE a scent or miss a scent, I put the name of the scent into the Notes section on their Contact. Then when the BBMB list is announced, I do a search for each of the 20 bars to see if any names pop up. I Email the client the day that the list comes out (or shortly after) to let them know that their scent is coming back with the BBMBs. Then text them on the 1st or 2nd of the BBMB month to let them know that they can BUY NOW!

2) Something that Brooke shared on her Group - you can do a search in your Order History (on your Workstation) for clients that ordered a particular scent. Just go to your Workstation, click "Orders", then type the name of a scent in the search bar and press "Search". It's a little work, because there may be Party orders that you have to sort through, but your clients will <3 you for it!

Thank you for reading our Team Newsletter!

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Join in June - Sign up Special!!

Recruiting is a great way to help add a little income to your monthly check. THIS is a great month to talk to folks about signing up. FREE SHIPPING on their Starter Kit (that's a $10 savings) and if they earn their Shooting Star award they get the Shooting Star Kit for FREE (nearly a $300 value).

Join in June Flyer available on the Resource tab of your Workstation.

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