My Spring Break

By: Ty'dajahia Thomas

First Day Of Spring Break

The first Day of spring break was very Jank it was raining that just really messed it up cause everybody thought it was gone be sunny and all that but it wasn't it was cloudy and boring but my friends still came over there and we chilled and watched tv.
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jank or jahnk can literally mean anything, yet means nothing on its own.

That Weekend

That weekend was ok i guess we really did the same thing because i believe it was still raining but then it will stop and rain again but we just Vibbed to music and chilled and watched a couple of movies.
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Monday was a good day i woke up in a good mood got on Snapchat,texted people,and laid in the bed and watched hood vines and worldstar hiphop and i was laughing so hard my stomach was hurting


Tuesday-Thursday was the same thing we did all nighter and then we chilled in the clubhouse/Chill Spot and went to the WestSide Park just to walk and then my friends went somewhere and i stayed home and watched netflix and ate and then they will come back later and we will watch movies again.
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Friday was good i did the same thing i do every morning watch vines and and snap and the later chill but this time we was goin to a kickback so we just chilled untill it was time to go to the kickback and we went but it was basically still doin the same thing we was been doin chillin and looking but after that we went to huddle house.
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Saturday was confusing to me because the people i was with was acting crazy cause we asked my ma to take us to Wild adventures because we had like 8 tickets she was like yea so we all getting hyped and stuff about goin and stuff and what time we was goin and stuff they was like 6 so i was like ok but since we been doin all nighters we was already up and these people talking bout i think we should go to sleep when it was already like 5 Sum i was like we might as well stay up and go to sleep on the way there they talm bout some nawll we need to be rested i was looking at dudeeeee u got like a hour. but long story short we didnt even go
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Sunday was ok to me because i had to get my hair did so i basically getting my hair did all day Sunday but when i got home my friends came over and we watched Curse of Chuckie
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