March Mudslide Madness

A crazy disater that could've been avoided

A Terrible Thing To Occur In Washington

On march 22nd at around 11am, a mudslide occurred near Oso, Washington. This disaster engulfed almost 3 dozen houses and a total of 27 casualties occurred and 30 people still missing. The mud covered about .8 miles of state route 530.

What All Happened

It Wasn't Sturdy In The First Place

When the houses in the area were being built, people had already known that hillside above Stillaguamish River wasn't sturdy enough to build on with land of just sand and gravel. As a result the march rain waterlogged the hill and created lots of pressure and mud. The hillside caved in and dammed the river. It's safe to say that building houses on a loose hillside is like pulling too many blocks out of a game of Jenga.

Massive Mudslide Kills 3 And Destroys Homes In Washington State