CTS Snapshot


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Welcome to our new CTS Snapshot - a weekly celebration update. We are delighted to share with parents and carers alike student triumphs at Corby Technical School. We are proud of every student and every success they have - please feel free to share with us any achievements they might have.

Snapshot news

Stars of the week

  • 9E Geographers - nominated by Mr Bidwell for their use of Duplo to understand populations pyramids.
  • Mr Gourlay would like to congratulate the Lego Competition team on their hard work and preparation for the competition.
  • Kyle 9S - nominated by Mr Harley for his excellent work in Product Design.
  • Milos 10T - nominated by Miss Connellan for his great work in English on a very challenging topic.
  • Aidan, Kacper and Martyna 9T, Haydn 9S, Liam and Faye 10C and Tommy 11T have all been nominated by Mrs Wagner Lees for a very successful learning week in German.
  • Musa and Aiden 9C, Caitlin and Baixu 9T and Emma 9S - nominated by Mr Cox for winning the B1 revision contest in Science.
  • Well Done to the Year 7 students who represented the school at the Brooke Weston Trust Sports Festival.
  • Alby 8T, Desiree and Macauley 8S and Jalal 8C - nominated by Mr Lee for their hard work in Maths and successfuly moving on to the next topic.
  • Logan 10C and Shawn 10S - nominated by Miss Fenner for their exceptional hard work in English.
  • Kelci 9C, Joshua 9S, Callum John and Daryl 9T, Drew and Lucy 10T and Tia and Joe 10T - nominated by Mr Rogers for officiating at the Projectability Sports Hall Athletics.


  • Mr Bidwell has nominated Mr Murray for his hard work during his time with us at Corby Technical School.

Celebration of Student Work


  • Wednesday 1st February 2017 - Year 10 Parent/Carer Consultation Evening.
  • Wednesday 8th February 2017 - Year 9 Parent/Carer Consultation Evening.