Step Up Into Grade 6

April 11-15

Important Events

This week in math

Monday: Problem Solving Investigation: Make a Model

Tuesday: Volume

Wednesday: Review for MAP (look over some skills we have already learned this year and brush up on the skills)

Thursday: Surface Area

Friday: Surface Area

If you need to contact your math teacher, please email at Trish Alexander, Coleman Lee, Angela Lipscomb, or Laura Williams

This week in science

Students will be learning/review the water cycle to start our last unit of the school year on weather.

Monday: Web quest over the water cycle

Tuesday: Projects over water cycle work day

Wednesday: Present projects over the water cycle

Thursday: How humans effect water quality and how heat transfers in the atmosphere

Friday: Go camping and eat popcorn to review heat transfer!

Below are a list of topics/activities from science class that you can use as conversation starters with your child.

what are the types of heat transfer?

What type of heat transfer is jiffy pop?

What are the steps of the water cycle?

Why is it important to keep our fresh water clean?

What are some ways humans affect water quality?

Book log-in information--

Go to the following website.





If you need to email your science teacher please click on the link: Lucy Shrout or Angela Lipscomb.


Students are learning all about Ancient Greece!

This week we will begin our unit on Ancient Greece. We will first explore the Trojan War, and the myths of the Greek religion. Then we will move on to one of the marvels of ancient architecture, the Parthenon.

Monday - Make up China Test, Marco Polo reading.

Tuesday- Introduce the Trojan War and the Greek Creation myth

Wednesday- Continue Trojan War reading, and explore Greek Mythology.

Thursday- Finish Trojan War and Mythology.

Friday- All about the Parthenon

Social Studies Tutoring is provided Mon-Thursday until 4:15 for any student needing help on a project, or an assignment.

If you need to email your Social Studies teacher, please click on the link: Heather Yates, Jeremiah Hoskins

This Week in ELA

We will be continuing our informational essays on helping our community. Writing, bibliography, and summarizing are the focus this week as we read. We will be working on improving MAP listening skills through an oral reading of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. We will work with reinforcing reading skills in guided reading using Newsela, and articles on teen activists. We will continue to work on our note taking skills in writing. Grammar this week will focus on complex sentences and capitalization.

Monday - Informational texts -- summary, research questions

Tuesday- Informational essay -- writing

Wednesday- group table of contents

Thursday- Informational essay/Note taking

Friday- Guided reading, independent reading

Homework is reading 30 minutes per night or more recorded in the reading log, and any work not completed in class. For parents whose students use Google Classroom, you can check out your child's progress on assignments through the week by opening the classroom page. Thank you for all your support with improving reading through practice!

If you need to email your ELA Teacher, please click on the link: Nathan Tramel, Wendy Ford, Josh Howard, Jeremiah Hoskins

Field Trip to Hannibal on May 4

We are looking for parent volunteers to spend a fun-filled day with their child and classmates. If you are interested in assisting with the field trip, please contact Mrs. Shrout at Fulton Middle School(590-8200). Parents wishing to volunteer must complete a background check. Please allow for at least five business days for processing. We are limited on the number of chaperones who can ride with the students on the bus, so please contact us as soon as possible, if you are interested.

Below is the link to the paperwork for the background check.

Field Trip Eligibility Requirements

Parents of students not eligible to participate in the field trip will be notified and those students will be expected to attend school on the field trip date.

Grades: No “Fs” in any class and if a student is not performing at an appropriate level they will stay at FMS to work on their academics.

Behavior: Students serving any OSS or ISS during from March 23 through the day of the field trip will not be eligible to go on the field trip. Other students’ eligibility will be up to the discretion of the administrator.

Assignments: No missing assignments; assignments must be turned in one week prior to the field trip to remain eligible to participate in the field trip.

**This field trip occurs immediately after MAP testing. If your child was absent during any of the MAP testing and has not made up the MAP test at the time of the field trip, they will not be allowed to attend. This gives them the opportunity to make-up the missed MAP test as required by school policy.