Scientific Questionnaire Lab Report

Shruti Asodaria & Rohitha Maganti

Does gender affect the amount of physical activity done in a week?


If the gender affects the amount of physical activity done in a week then the male gender will have a larger amount of physical activity done in a week.

Type of Investigation:

Comparative investigation. Comparing the amount of physical activity received by each gender in a week.

Parts of the Experiment

  • Independent Variable: Gender

  • Dependent Variable : Hours of physical activity received in a week

  • Constants: Measurement of the amount of physical activity done in a week done in 7 days (a week)

  • Control Group: None

  • Experimental Group : None



In a survey we compared the hours of physical activity done in a week by both genders.

In this survey we found data that showed men are more physically active than women at the age(s) of 14-19.


The men surveyed in this experiment got an average of 16.85 hours of activity in a day. Where as women got 5.5 hours of physical activity a day. Possibly suggesting that women are most likely to be susceptible to obesity than men.


The scientific fitness principle of individual differences state's, “ Differences have to do with body size and shape, genetics, past experience, injuries, and chronic conditions.” Therefore meaning that sometimes the physical activity may be limited based on your individual body build up. NAFA Sport also suggests to do physical activity designed just for the certain individuals body (NAFA Sport 1). At CHS there is a diverse athletics program for the young men and women. Our evidence showed that the men are more physically active than the women. According to NPR, “ In the study, teenage boys said their favorite physical activities outside of gym class were basketball, running, football, bicycling and walking. Girls favored running, walking, basketball, dancing and bicycling" (NPR 1). Coppell High School provides to both genders all the activities except walking and bicycling. But our data did not show a close average between the two genders for the amount of physical activity done in a week.

Conclusion and Source of Error


According to our survey the women had less amount of physical activity than men. Therefore the hypothesis that the men are more physically active than women has been supported by the study.

Sources of Error

Our sources of errors include lack of diversity of women surveyed at Coppell High School, the men in survey being mostly athletes while the women weren't. Lastly the hours that were told by the men were not accurate. These factors held to the inaccurate hours that were recorded for the experiment. Therefore having the data being unstable and not precise.

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