Everyone will have equal rights. Freedom of appropriate speech, freedom of fun, and freedom of justice. You can have as much fun as you want. If newcomers come into our country with a criminal record they will stay in our country for 1 year and if they do something wrong they will be sent to a Emmatraz which is a jail in the middle of Emz ocean. If you are sent to Emmmatraz you will be there for 10 years. If you go to Emmatraz you will be taught to be a way better person.


How the government works.

I am going to be in charge. When I die someone in my family will take over then it is like a family government but not everyone is going to be in my family because if the citizens think it isn't fair then I won't get in trouble. Most f the people will be in my family but some aren't in my family. Also there is a president and the president is chose by the citizens because I don't want everyone in the government to be in my family.

You do have to pay!

We do have taxes they are 12% on every dollar you spend. If you don't pay you will have a trial and if you say you don't have enough money the law enforcement branch will look and see if you have money in your account, house, car, pockets, everywhere. If you do have money you will have to pay and if you don't you will be in jail until you pay. If you don't have money the law enforcement branch will get you a job so you can pay the taxes.

There is a President

There is still a president even though ( I'm in charge) The president sees if the laws are good enough to go through if they aren't then they go to our lazy laws and become a lazy law. The president also sees if newcomer/ immigrants can come in.


  1. You can't have any kind of weapon unless you have a licence. (Knives are not a weapon unless someone hurts someone with it.)
  2. Can't go over speed limit by 6 ml. or you will get a speed ticket.
  4. Every kid has to go to school until they graduate out of college.
  5. Everyone has to live in a house if you don't you will be sent to a different country.
  6. Don't hurt someone unless it is for self defense.
  7. There has to be at least one man in the house.