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Biography of Winston Churchill

⚫Born on November 30, 1874
⚫ Fought in World War 1
⚫Prime Minister of Britain, Journalist
⚫Winston Churchill raise to power again in May 1940

Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill was born to an aristocratic family on November 30, 1874. Churchill grew up in Dublin, Ireland. He did poorly in his first 2 schools and he was soon sent to a boarding school near London. He joined the Harrow Rifle Corps which got him interested in war and military tactics. After he joined the army he was later sent to Sudan where he got his first touch with war and military experience. Later Churchill decided to drop out of military and he soon found his passion with writing and as a journalist. Churchill made some critical mistakes after being named as military tactician and it cost he his job. Churchill didn't give up and he quickly became one of the most best leaders on the battlefield in WW1. After World War 1 and Germany getting more powerful Churchill started to warn people about the sleeping beast. They didn't listen to him and Germany started to conquer Europe. Neville Chamberlain knew that there would be no choice than to make Winston Churchill the new Prime Minister. With powerful speeches and smart tactics Churchill and his British troops stopped Germany from conquering their island and he was considered as a war hero.

Battle of Britain

The battle of Britain was between the Royal Air Force (British Air Force) and Luftwaffe (German Air Force) that lasted for 3 and a half months. The Luftwaffe would use bombing tactics known as blitzkrieg, to attack Great Britain cities and bombed them in order to get a foot hold on British soil and then conquer it using land troops. But the Royal Air Force was holding off the Luftwaffe attacks and its considered the as the Nazi's first major defeat in WW2.

Fireside chats

Franklin D. Roosevelt has given 30 encouraging and confident speeches about variety of subjects. Roosevelt isn't afraid to give speeches and his own opinions about economy, war in Europe and war preparations.
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Lend-Lease Act

Approved my American citizens and government USA decides to send aid to foreign countries suffering in the War. In these times it's important to stick together and help our suffering brothers who try to stop the evil Nazi army. USA hopes that with this help Britain other Allied countries will be able to stop and destroy Hitler for good.

Battle of Atlantic

Our British allies are being attacked viciously by the Nazi army. Britain is trying to defend it's coastline and stop Germany from getting into British soil. Thanks to the mighty navy Britain has succeeded to avoid major casualties until Germany started to attack our supply lines to Great Britain. This is a major insult to our country and Hitler is showing how evil he can be. Naval warfare is the key to stop Hitler from conquering Britain. Let's pray for our brothers who help our British allies and send aid for those who need it.

Hitler insults USA

The United States of America needs to join the war because Britain needs help and if we don't enter act, Germany could take over Britain and we would lose trading partner and a ally. Germany might come for us next if they defeat our allies, we need Britain to stay strong and together we can crush the Nazis. These are tough times and now is our time to act for the common good.

Embargo Japan

USA needs to put an embargo on Japan because they would need supplies and if we put an embargo on them, Japan won't get the supplies they need to be able to advance farther and conquer more land.
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