Conditions In The South


The South’s reaction to reconstruction was not good at all; the freedmen’s bureau was at the top of the list of things the south resented, along with the ratification of the 13th-15th amendments. The freedmens bureau really helped the freed slaves during reconstruction. The government agency helped the freed slaves get back on their feet by helping them find a source of income and shelter, because they knew it would be extremely hard for them to do it on their own. Carpetbaggers or the northeners that went to the south during reconstruction played a main role in helping the south get back into the federal government.


The Royals have been very inconsistent lately as they went on a 7 game win streak not too long ago and then lost 7 in a row. The Royals won 16 out of 20 after the All-Star Break. They are now 69-64 on the season, which is definitely an improvement over the last couple years. They are 6 games back and still contending for a wild card spot.