Ancient Roman FAQs

Lupus Strunk


Did the Romans have paper? No they did not. The Romans have a rough course woven plants called papyrus. What did the Romans use to write? The Romans used a feather called a quill and dipped it into a pot of ink


How was a Roman family different from a modern family? The father was the ruler of the house. The children belonged to the father, not the mother, so after a divorce, the father took the children and the mother doesn't get custody. What did roman parents that was different from modern parents? the children were born at home. when the child is born the father has the power to choose if the newborn is reared or exposed. Are roman names different from modern names? if so, how? Roman children had the fathers names, and women didn't have a praenomen

Clothing - Men's and boy's

How did roman men and boys dress? roman men, depending on how wealthy they are, wore a toga over a tunica. Did ancient roman boys wear jewlery? Ancient roman boys sometimes wore small golden rings

Clothing - Women's and girl's

How did roman women dress? Women and girls wore dresses and peplos. On certain occasions, they wore togas


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