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You definitely cannot ignore the importance of having a clean office or living in a clean and sanitary home. Although you may choose to have employees whose sole duty is to ensure that your home or office remains clean always, it at times becomes necessary to engage the service of a professional cleaning service provider such as commercial cleaners Brisbane. However, choosing the right company can be a headache considering that there are several companies offering commercial cleaning service at different costs. Below are just some of the things you need to look into in your search for a right company.

Cleaning Schedule

Different commercial cleaning service providers have different cleaning schedule. While some service providers undertake to clean your office or home daily in case of domestic cleaners Brisbane or weekly, others clean on a monthly basis. It becomes important to ascertain a service provider’s cleaning schedule to ascertain whether or not the schedule is in line with your cleaning need.


Different cleaning service providers can quote differently for the same cleaning job. It is always necessary to get different quotes as provided by different service providers with the aim of finding a service provider whose quote fits your budget. However, it is important to note that a service provider that quotes very low may not be the right service provider. Make it a point to ascertain what a quote covers so as to know what you will be paying for.


Having references of a commercial cleaners Brisbane or domestic cleaners Brisbane is very important. A professional service provider will no doubt be proud of some of its works and will easily provide you with the necessary references. Contacting references a service provider gives you can be very helpful in terms of knowing level of service a cleaning service provider provides and how the company handles its clients.


It is very important to ascertain whether or not a cleaning service provider of interest has the necessary insurance. This is important because cleaning at times be very risky especially when cleaning high rise buildings. Engaging the service of a non-insured service provider can turn out to be very costly for you in case of an accident involving one of its employees. This is because you will be obligated to pay for any medical bills incurred and compensation. It is important that a service provider makes available to you its certificate of insurance rather than insurance policy since there is no way of ascertaining whether or not the policy is active or expired.

Pest Control

Home or office cleaning is not limited to cleaning dirt and debris. It also extends to getting rid of any pests that may be in your home or office. It is therefore necessary to ascertain whether or not a service provider whose service you are about to engage deals with pests as well. Although it may attract additional cost, it is beneficial considering harm that pests can cause.

There are several ways through which to find cleaning service providers. In addition to searching online, you have the option of asking your friends and/or colleagues which service providers they recommend.

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