Physical changes

By, Nicholas Auriemma

Definition of a physical change.

A physical change is a change in which no new substances are formed. Physical changes affect form of a chemical substance, but not its chemical composition. Mixtures can be separated into their parts by physical methods, such as spinning in a centrifuge.

Examples of physical changes

In the three pictures above each show what a physical change is. In the first picture is the one of the ice cube which shows a physical change. One way the ice cube shows a physical change is that it is first at a whole a solid which now over time is starting to melt down into a liquid which is why that first example is an example of a physical change. In the middle picture it also shows an example of a physical change. One reason why it shows an example of a physical change is that it starts off as a regular marshmallow now it has patches of it being burnt due to it being physicaly being changed. Finally the last picture all the way to the right also shows a physical change. It shows this physical change because it starts off as a normal whole cake. Then a physical change happend the cake had a piece missing from the cake since it was sliced out so that was a physical change too. So this is the three examples of a physical change and how it was a physical change.