Orogeny and the Lithosphere

How does Orogeny affect the lithosphere?

What is Orogeny?

Orogeny is the process of mountain building. This process has a huge impact on the lithosphere because orogeny itself is constantly changing how the lithosphere looks. The forming of mountains also affects the various types of landmarks, vegetation, and any other things that may be near it.
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Orogeny in Relation to Soil

The process of mountains can put the soil around and under in frail conditions. With the scraping across the soil and moving the soil around, the soil can be a really inconsistent living space for the organisms that live within it. This can cause an imbalance within the organisms that live in the soil and other animals that may feed off of them. All of these processes can be connected in one way or another.

Impact on our lives?

Everything that Mother Nature does affects us in some way or another. Mountains can be a good thing but they could also be a bad thing. Mountains can be used for recreational purposes such as hiking, biking, or snowboarding (if it's in a snowy environment). The mountains could also take a turn for the worst and cause landslides. The process of orogeny itself affects everyday life because of other organisms and vegetation contouring around it. It can shape the way an entire area looks.