Middle Colony

Join our Colony

Why you should come

Hello English. Why don't you come to the Middle Colonies. We have rich farm land. Many jobs that you can choose from. Enough food and water because we are close to the Delaware River. The food is corn, wheat, and rye. We grow that all from our plantations. We also have enough animals. The types of animals are pigs, horses, cows, sheep, and goats. So come travel over.

Rich Farm Land

The middle colony is the best place to go if you want rich farm land. The middle colony was not just made with rich farm land the farmers help it too. Without any farmer the land would not be healthy enough to have crops to grow on.

Jobs you can have

If you come to the Middle Colonies you can have a job. Some of the jobs you can get are farming, a blacksmith, and a carpenter. You can get money from all of those jobs. If you think you will not get a lot of money but you will farming is hard work and is very important to the colony. Thats why the middle colony has rich farm land.
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