Mysterious Sea Anamone

By.Joseph Parodi


Did you ever hear of an underwater sea creature that can digest a bird? This creature is a sea anemone. The bird is just one of the animals a sea anemone will eat, along with fish, because it is a carnivore. The sea anemone is an astonishing and mysterious sea dweller.

Amazing Fact!

Did You even know the sea anemone can swim! I have Proof!
Swimming anemone
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This video is a really popular part in finding nemo.
Finding Nemo : Amnemonemomne

My Diorama!

Here is my diorama with all the animals that live under the sea!
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Go Fish

In my aquarium I choose to buy an Australian Rainbow fish, 4 Blonde Delta Guppies and also 3 Cherry Barb fish. In total I spent $156.47 on all my supplies for my fish tank. For my fish to survive,I have a 20 gallon tank.I liked this activity because you get to learn your budget and how to buy stuff in the budget. The activity was fun and I would want to do it again.