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October 21, 2021

Farnham Elementary School

15711 Woodard Road

San Jose, CA 95124

Amy O'Hehir, Principal

Main Office: 408-377-3321 Fax: 408-377-7237

24 HOUR ATTENDANCE LINE: 408-377-3321 EXT. 4102

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Message from the Principal

Dear Farnham Families,

We have been busy here at Farnham School starting up our Track Pack, beginning a school-wide “My Name, My Identity” project, and getting ready for a super fun week ahead with our Mini Pumpkin Walk and costume parade happening next Friday.

Welcoming all of these fun traditions back to school is exciting and can be overwhelming as we navigate anticipation and uncertainty. Please be patient with your Falcon as the excitement can lead to unexpected behaviors. Try using an I Message to explain how their behavior or a situation makes you feel. When you want your children to change their unacceptable behavior, say an I Message:

I feel______when you_______because_______.

Your feelings could be sad, scared, irritated, worried, frustrated, annoyed, etc. Describe their behavior without blame -- just what you see or hear -- no labels or attitude words.

When you hit your brother.... When you leave dishes in the sink....

Then tell what the result of their behavior is to you, why you care. What is your loss? Money, time, effort? I have to stop my other work and take care of that.

I Messages focus on you and your needs, cause less defensiveness, and demonstrate good communication to your children. They'll learn to use I Messages too.

Here is to another fantastic week at Farnham School where we Act Responsibly, Behave Respectfully, and Care For Others.

Be well,

Amy O’Hehir

Farnham Principal

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Upcoming Events

Thurs., Oct. 21st: Board Meeting 7 pm at the District Office

Sat., Oct. 23rd: FNO 10am-6 pm Ericks Deli Café - See Flyer Below

Fri., Oct. 29th: Pumpkin Walk

Sun., Oct. 31st: The Giving Program Ends

Mon., Nov. 1st: Teacher In Service Day NO School

Wed., Nov. 3rd: H&SC Meeting 6:30 pm

Thurs., Nov. 4th: Make-Up Picture Day

Thurs., Nov. 4th: Board Meeting 7 pm at the District Office

The Farnham Pumpkin Walk is back this year!

This year we will be having a student only Pumpkin walk on Friday October 29th! The schedule will be:

8:30-9:15- 1st

9:20-10:05- 3rd

10:45- 11:30- 2nd

12:20-1:05- TK/K

1:10- 1:55- 4th

2:00-2:45- 5th

Also, there will be a table in front of the office at pickup on October 27,28,29 and we will be selling drawing tickets for $20 each with the prize being a four pack of Disneyland Hopper tickets which expire 12/22. Drawing will take place Friday October 29th at 3:30pm, winner does not need to be present and will be contacted via phone.

We will also have an opportunity to donate to the giving program in person, and to donate candy or small prizes for the Pumpkin walk. Thank you for your support! for any questions, please email farnhampumpkinwalk19@gmail.com and to help us decorate, and clean up here is the volunteer sign up here

covid-19 screening at Farnham School

If your child is deemed a “close contact” to a positive individual on campus, we are now able to offer on-site testing at Farnham for asymptomatic students. If you would like to have this opportunity, please sign up at the following link: https://home.color.com/covid/sign-up/start?partner=43693856046452students

Every Wednesday afternoon, from 1-3:00pm through October, the Cambrian District Office will be offering COVID-19 testing for those students who are Asymptomatic.

Get additional information and registration directions in the flyer here.

The Giving Program Ends on October 31st - Help Us Reach Our Goal!

THANK YOU to everyone who has already donated to our annual giving program. Currently, we have raised $23,000, which is 66% of the way towards meeting our collective goal of raising $35,000, and we need your help! These funds help Farnham's Home & School Club to provide valuable financial support including: teacher stipends to enhance their classrooms, virtual student field trips and assemblies, Track Pack with new digital QR codes, Project Cornerstone, art and music supplies, Starting Arts theatre, new playground equipment, new umbrellas for the outdoor learning areas, community building events like the upcoming mini Pumpkin Walk for students, and more! Additionally, many local companies (Apple, Google, Netflix, Cisco, eBay, etc.) provide company matching to non-profits, including the Farnham HSC (TIN 77-0448212). All donations are tax deductible and every dollar counts.

  • Donate online at Giving Program Donation Page.
  • Checks can be dropped off at the main office, or look for a Farnham HSC table out front of school on October 27-29 at pick-up.

Thank you for your generous donations and support!
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Rainy Day Shoes

As we start to see rain in the forecast, we want to make sure our students are wearing shoes that are keeping feet safe and dry.

We do not have extra pairs of shoes, so on rainy days, please do not have students wear canvas type shoes, which get wet easily. Also please regularly check the tread of shoes to make sure they are not a slipping hazard.

Thank you for your help in keep our students' feet safe.

Make-Up Picture Day

Our Make-Up Picture Day is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 4th. If your child missed our first picture day, he/she will be able to take a photo on this day. Or if you did not like the initial photo, your child can retake his/her picture on this day as well. If you received a picture package in the mail and are planning to retake the photo, please send the picture package to school to be returned to the photographer. If you have any questions, please reach out to the school office.

Willy Wonka Jr. - Enrollment Open for Grades 3-5

Sign up now to join Farnham's production of "Willy Wonka Jr." with Starting Arts! Enrollment is open for grades 3-5. Rehearsals will be Tuesdays & Thursdays beginning December 7. See the flyer for more details. Starting Arts will be handling all enrollment online. Click here to enroll:

Click here for the flyer:

Handicap Parking spaces

It is unlawful for any person to park or leave standing any vehicle in a stall or space designated for disabled persons.

It is mandatory to have our 2 spaces open at all times for the use of a person who is disabled. For this reason, we ask you not to drop students in these parking spaces even if it is for a few seconds.

Farnham Spirit Wear On sale now! !

Start the new school year with some fabulous Farnham wear and deck out the entire family! Click HERE to shop Farnham's online store!

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