MJPS Stage 1

Term 3 2014

Welcome back to Maroubra Junction PS for another term. We are looking forward to working closely with students, parents and our community in ensuring improved student outcomes for all.
All enquiries about student progress should be directed to the class teacher. The Assistant Principal or Principal can discuss wider or whole school concerns. Please make an appointment with the school office or by ringing 9349 8333.

Key Stage Dates

K-2 Sport Carnival - Tuesday 2 September Snape Park

Tuesday 9 September (Back up date)
For whole school events please refer to the weekly newsletter

Term 3 Staffing

Class Teachers

1B Keryn Yook

1G Gina Batzakis

1K Nickie Karas

1SL Sandra Mather and Karen Lucas

2B Jessica Boyne

2F Brian Franki

2V Helen Vogel

2Z Areri Zouroudis

Assistant Principal

Nickie Karas

Support Staff

Ana Andreu EAL/D (English as an additional language and dialect)

Mary Stamatellis Greek

Hong Jin Wu Chinese

Sue Mirow Library


Dance 2B Fit Fridays - Sport uniform
Sport - Thrusdays - Sport uniform

Key Learning Areas


During the teaching / learning of English children will participate in rich and diverse literacy activities both in whole class and group work situations in reading, writing, speaking and listening, handwriting and using digital technologies, spelling, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary, thinking imaginatively and creatively, expressing themselves and reflecting on learning.

This term, Year 1 will focus on the English key concept of author study. We will be studying the works of Pamela Allen and Mem Fox through a variety of texts.

Year 2 will focus on the use of visual literacy in print, sound, images and ipads. Students will also focus on writing explanations through Science texts.

All students will have an opportunity to speak in front of the class each week. The term’s news roster outlines the topics to be presented each week which was handed out in Week 1. Please discuss and practise with your child their news topic at home so they are able to feel more comfortable and confident when it is their turn to speak in front of the class.


Stage 1 participated in maths groups in the number strand during semester 1. In semester 2 students will remain with their home class for mathematics where they will be provided with opportunities to develop and use a variety of mental strategies, hands on activities, interactive whiteboard activities and written work to meet their individual needs.The children will continue to learn and develop various concepts within the measurement and space and geometry strands of the syllabus.

Mathletics continues to be our main Maths homework. We strongly recommend that parents allow their children time to complete their mathletics homework on the computer. Please inform your class teacher, if your child does not have access to the internet at home. An alternative maths activity will be set on the homework sheet for those students with no internet access.


Year 1 'Spot the difference'

This unit provides students with opportunities to observe and compare changes in everyday materials, in particular food. Students will learn about how heating or cooling a food can change its properties and whether the change can be reversed or not.

Year 2 'Push and pull'

The unit provides the opportunity for students to explore pushes and pulls. Through investigations, students observe and gather evidence about how these forces act in air and water, and on the ground. Students identify the effect of the pull of gravity and learn that both air and water can ‘push’.

As part of our technology lessons Stage 1 will be working with ipads in a team teaching situation with Miss Yook and Miss Boyne.

Classes will also be using the computers in the computer room.


Stage 1 will be participating in CAPA (Creative and Practical Arts) groups this semester. Each class will rotate every 2 weeks to experience music, dance, drama and art with various teachers.


Stage 1 will be focusing on Child Protection this term. The aim of child protection education in primary schools is to assist students in developing skills in recognising and responding to unsafe situations, seeking assistance effectively and establishing and maintaining relationships and strengthening attitudes and values related to equality, respect and responsibility.

Dance 2B Fit will be our fitness program this term and also preparation for our school concert in Term 4. Our sport program has been developed to integrate gross motor and fundamental movement skills. This term we will be practising various races in preparation for our K-2 sport carnival.

Crunch & Sip

Crunch & Sip is a 5 min break for students to re-fuel and eat fruit or salad vegetables and drink water in the classroom. Students are to bring a small container with either fruit or vegetables sticks to eat in the classroom at a set time. Please check with your child’s teacher which days will be set for crunch & sip.


School Supplies

Children will need to have their own glue stick to use in class. We recommend either BOSSTIK or UHO glue sticks as they are a better quality to use.

Home Learning

Weekly homework goes out every Friday and needs to be returned the following Thursday. Please read the reminders and important messages in each week's homework sheet.

Personal Belongings

Please make sure that all jumpers, lunchboxes and hats are clearly labeled with your child’s name

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