Charlie Gordon: Genius Wonder Man

By: Nicholas Schultz

Charlie Gordon

Charlie Gordon: a 33 year old male, changes his IQ of 69 to a IQ of 185. He achieved this from an operation provided by the Beekman University. Charlie gained 116 IQ in less than 3 months.

More to Come

Dr. Strauss and Professor Nemur are the people who made this project with the sponsorship of the Welburg Foundation. Alice Kinnian was the woman who was teaching Charlie before the operation, she said, " You have no idea how afraid I've been that something might go wrong. I feel partly responsible." She thinks that something could've gone wrong, and it did.

Charlie was able to learn more in about 3 months than most people learn in a year. Charlie had his regular, disabled self in his conscious mind, before and a tiny bit after the operation, but then you realize that he is different, like I did. He felt like another person, in his subconscious at the time, was his very smart personality that nobody could see.... But then a switch happened, his smart side became his conscious, what the people saw, and nobody could see that other Charlie Gordon.

Charlie at times, was drunk, and in his progress reports, it is written down that on multiple on multiple occasions where he has been drunk, and his subconscious side, the old Charlie was seen. After Charlie's run was over, he had found some flaws, will Professor Nemur and Dr. Strauss fix it, and make all of the world geniuses? Well, we will find that out later.