Sammy Davis Jr.

Singing tap dancing and acting for life

His rise to fame

Sammy Davis Jr. was desertion to fame he was born to a black mod villi star and a Puerto Rican dancer, his first appearance stage was when he was 3 yrs old. soon after he was performing regularly with his father.

learning "show biz"

during world war 2 Sammy was "drafted" into show business,he soon learned that their are prejudice everywhere. after world war 2 he came back to the spotlight dancing and singing ! In 1950 he went solo and made two records, witch the public ate up, he was soon headlining in New York and Las Vegas!

Lights, crammer... action!

Sammy Davis Jr was a huge Broadway star and the crowd loved his dancing singing and acting. He had this swagger to him that drew crowds for miles. witch in my opinion this gained his hung colt of fans.

the accident

In November 1954 Sammy almost lost his life in a almost fatal car accident, he lost the use of his left eye and while he was in the hospital he talked to a priest and converted to Judaism.

Sammy's love life

in 1960 he got married to a Swedish actress by the name of May Britt they had one daughter and adopted two son's in an 8 year marriage.

struggles in a mostly white industry

Sammy had issues in his career he found it hared to escape hateful people. he marched in all Martin Luther's protests and refused to play in venues that practiced segregation.

joining the rat pack

joining the rat pack made him a super star, appearing in movies and shows with this fun famous pack of rats!

Sammy's love life continued

in 1970 Davis married a second time to Altovise Gore,

ending his career

Sammy had a huge hit in 1972, the candy man, but his popularity was slowly waning, he did a couple of movies in the 70s but mostly preformed on the strip. his last movie was called taps and showed his amazing talents at 63, he died of lung cancer one year later.