Clothing Management 2 Projects!

Project two - makeup bags

My second project - makeup bags!

While making this project, I followed a pattern. The projects I completed were make up bags that are reversible. This project emphasized a lot of skills, the most prominent one being patience.

The materials that I used were... One of the fabrics that I used had two sides to it, one side was a silky shiny side and the other was a rougher material. The second material that I used had the same texture as the rough. For this project, I had to do a lot of sewing, then stopping and turning something inside out or moving it. I had to sew one side of the bag attached to the zipper, then the other side on the zipper, then sew them together, then finally turn it inside out and hand stitch the bottom closed. To complete this project I had to know how to hand sew, because I did actually have to hand sew a lot of the bottom to close it up at the end, then I ended up having to hand sew the zipper shut.

I needed a new make up bag, and I thought that this project would be a fun way to do it, and I could get exactly what I wanted if I made it myself. This project was definitely a challenge just because I hadn't made something that had this many steps to it before. Next time, I could improve on making sure that the project is challenging enough for me, so I don't have to make a second one to make it work. I wasn't really satisfied with the end result of this project, only because the specific material that I picked out for it was really fragile when I was cutting and sewing, so it fell apart a lot and made a bunch of messes, all-in-all it was just a hard fabric to work with.