4K P.M. Class

Red Smith

December 14, 2015

Last Week...

Upcoming Dates...

  • Square One art products will be coming home Monday (14th) with your child.
  • December 16th will be Vision Screening.
  • The elementary winter concert is Thursday, December 17th. We are not part of the concert, but will attend to watch.
  • Remember to send report card envelopes back to school. The actually report card is your copy to keep.

Songs and Movement We Have Learned...

Click on the links below to watch the You Tube videos-

ABC Mouse-Letter Ii song


Shake Your Body Down


Next Week...

  • We will color and write on paper taped to our tables to strengthen our shoulder muscles for writing. Writing/drawing on an easel or paper taped to a wall is also something your child should practice.
  • Working with a partner is a great skill for all children. We will practice writing the letter Jj on each others backs with our fingers. Try this at home with your child... one person is the paper and one person is the pencil. Ask them to explain how we do this in 4K and see if they can teach you.
  • We will be reading There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bell by: Lucille Colandro. I will be pointing out that words rhyme in the story. Continue exposing your child to rhyming words. It is a skill on the report card and Pals assessment.

Letter Jj Activities...

1. Jump in place ten times or jump rope.

2. Jog around the house.

3. Tell jokes.

4. Rad Jack and the Beanstalk.

5. Sing “Jack and Jill.”

6. Visit a jewelry store.

7. Put together a jigsaw puzzle.

8. Count jelly beans.

Practice "J" down, curve

Practice "j" down, curve, dot

Please bring a show and tell object that starts with the letter Jj on Thursday, December 17th. Have your child practice sharing one detail about their object to a family member to prepare them for our Show & Tell community circle time.