St. Seton

"Mother Seton"

Elizabeth Ann Seton was born on August 28, 1774 in New York City, New York. St. Seton was a very motherly saint, and she cared for a lot of people. She even had some children of her own. St. Seton loved children and even established the first free catholic school in America.

Elizabeth Seton’s friends persuaded her to join the catholic faith. She lived in Italy for a while and her family there led her into the Catholic Church and started her spiritual journey. St. Seton’s husband passed away; that also motivated her to take charge in Italy and focus on God.

Eventually she was named a venerable in 1893 and then named a blessed later that year. Continuing her good deeds, she was recognized as Mother Seton to everybody. The pope canonized her as a saint in 1975. St. Seton was known as the 1st native-born American to be a saint.

Elizabeth Ann Seton established the first free Catholic school in America. St. Seton helped many and all children that she could with getting a better education and to become stronger in their faith as being Catholics.

She is important for these good kinds of work by helping the children that couldn’t afford going to school and getting a great education. Elizabeth Ann Seton made becoming really smart an option for all. They were important because education is something that everyone in this world needs to grow and be a strong educate person.

Elizabeth Ann Seton founded the sisters of charity. Elizabeth Ann Seton died and then became a saint. She opened a school mainly for her children and to support her. She is a saint because after she died people recognized her faith and what she did to help everyone mainly kids by being poor and still helping all. She is one of the keystones in the American Catholic Church.

“Elizabeth Seton took vows of poverty, chastity and obedience on March 25, 1809 and was given the title of “Mother” by Archbishop Carroll. That June, she and her followers donned a simple black religious habit and set out for Emmitsburg, Maryland, situated 50 miles west of Baltimore. Their first house was a cottage on the grounds of St. Mary’s College. On July 31, the group began community life as the Sisters of Charity of St. Joseph.”

Based on my research St. Seton was so important because she helped the poor and she helped the people in need and loved nature. She also loved kids and helped out at schools. “Mother Seton wrote textbooks, translated books from French to English, trained teachers, and wrote articles on the spiritual life. As in earlier years with the Widows' Society, Elizabeth continued to visit the sick and the poor, and the poor of the neighborhood. The sisters brought them medicine, food, and clothes, cleaned their homes, cared for the children, and offered kind words of encouragement.”

She Became a Saint Because of Her Dedication and Goodwill to the Catholic Church and opening some Schools.

Discovering our Saint's - St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

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