An Intro to Rachel Lebowitz

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To an extent, a teacher could be compared to the well-known van Gogh, artist of the infamous painting, Starry Night. Like an artist, the job of a teacher requires energy and patience, woven in and extending beyond the official constraints of time and the workspace of the school. As artists of our own craft, we never truly believe that we have created the perfect classroom; technology is constantly being updated, students are steadily changing, and standards are being tweaked. While some people may cringe at the slightest mention of imperfection or change, I can’t help to find some beauty in it. A teacher is given the unique opportunity to present different perspectives and splashes of color that impact each student’s canvas. Yes, there is always going to be that one point we could have added to our lesson or that one concept we should have explained differently, but no two classrooms are the same and all are constantly evolving. Teachers have a keen artist’s eye and a personal artist’s touch to add to their classrooms and make a lasting impression on their students. As teachers, our job is never truly over because of this ever-changing world we live in. We aspire to make our students life long learners by giving them the skills and inspiring the curiosity to continue their studies long after they have left our individual classroom.


Upon the completion of my graduate program for a Master's Degree in Teaching at James Madison University, I plan to use my french language skills to return to Europe and teach English/French to middle school students. After studying abroad in France in 2014 for four months, I caught the travel bug and have been yearning to go back ever since.

Eventually, I plan to return to Maryland to pursue my love of teaching in a middle or high school. As a soon-to-be teacher, I hope to reverse the negative stigma that surrounds the ever so public perception of the daunting subject of math. I aspire to motivate students in personally investing not only into their own education, but also into their futures.

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• Leasing Assistant at Campus View Apartments (September 2015 – Present)

- Some of my job responsibilities include assisting the Property Manager with leasing duties, entering data into the CVA system, providing prospective tenants with community tours of the model home and the clubhouse, and executing community inspections

• Student Tutor at Stewart Middle School (August 2012 – January 2013)

- Attended after-school homework help sessions on a weekly basis to provide one on one instruction to middle school students concerning schoolwork, homework, and extended, ongoing curricular projects

• Group Leader at White Marsh Child Care Center (May 2012 – August 2012)

- Directed various activities involving math, science, art and cooking projects while providing and managing a safe environment as well as being held responsible for the supervision and care of a group of 10-15 fourth graders