Come to The country Greece

By:Daniel Harman

Date Greece joined the EU

Greece officially joined the European Union in 1981

Was Greece founder of the European Union?

No it was not a founder of the European Union.


Greece is part of Asia and Europe. It's surrounded by the Balkan Peninsula and sourrounded by the Aegan and the Ionic sea.

The capital and history of the flag.

The flag has blue stripes and the cross in the corner represents Greek religion and orthodox. The capital is Athens and 4 other major city's are Chalkida, tri poll, kozani and Pyigon

What attracts people to my country and where people should visit?

The city Athens has good fish dinners mutton and Greek Olive oil adds great taste to Greek food. People should visit Mount Athnos cueca use you can see a old monastery and only males can enter and see the view. Visit Mystras because it shows what the Byzantine empire looked like. Linda's is a resort of Rhode Island and people can see ocean and relax.

Geography of Greece

Greece has mountain ranges a sea and tons of stands along the sea

The government of the country Greece

Since the constitution Greece has been a republican government.

Greece currency

In the 21 century they used EURO before they used the EURO they used coins and bills with Greek god on both sides.

3 fun facts about Greece

Greece has more then 2000 islands in the Aegean Sea. Greece is 131.957 km. Greence has a population of 11.2 billion people
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