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Axum was an important trading nation. Axum is located in the Northeast region of contemporary Ethiopia. The city of Axum sits on a high plateau next to the red sea. The red sea was good for transportation, and trading. The average climate was 79.32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Government & Military

Axum government was monarchy. King Ezana, defeated Kush and converted to christianity. The king who ruled is called "Negus." The military was divided into groups. 3,000-100,000 people were in the military and fought with iron speders.
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Some major resources were gold, wheat, barley, cattle, sheep, camels, salt, iron, & rhioceros. They traded ivory, gold, slaves, emeralds, myrrh & frankincense. trading partners were Arab, Muslims, Greek, & Jewish. Trading centers were Mogadishu, Kilwa, Mombasa, and the Zanzibar traded with china because of the Indian ocean. The divisions of the social class were kings, slaves, merchants, occupations.
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Christianity was the official religion for Axum. Christianity was also the adopted religion for Axum. They believed in many gods. They worshiped spirits, honored dead and offered sacrifices. Axum was influenced by the roman empire.
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cultural customs

they spoke Arabic, and Ge'ez. There diet was spices. There traditions were folktales, and proverbs. they danced, played the drums, and call & response.


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