EDBE 5321

Session B - 1st and 2nd Language Acquisition

2 questions, 2 stickies

What do the researchers suggest?

Developmental Psychologists:

  • cognitive development is rapid (in toddlers)

  • without instruction = natural ability (in children)

  • stages similar regardless of ethnicity or economic level

Sociologists/educators/ sociolinguists:

  • believe in the nature of social environment

  • for example, "motherese" is a factor

  • different norms for different cultures. For example, to correct or not to correct? Also, is register important?

Structural Linguists:

  • behaviorism

  • linguistic patterns thru stimulus- response

Latter Linguists:

  • Cognitive (Chomsky)

  • Generative Grammar: there are a limited number of deep-structure patterns we acquire; Many sentences are ambiguous